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Comprehensive Dentistry Covid-19 Updated Guidelines

Here at Comprehensive Dentistry our number one priority as always is the health and safety of our patients. During these times of pandemic from Covid-19 that is no different and we want to ensure to our patients that we as a company are going above and beyond to make sure that priority is met to a high standard. To help patients better understand our protocols regarding how we are safely and efficiently running our practice we would like to share our guidelines and updated process with you. Starting with our new process for seeing patients starting June 1st, 2020. We were incredibly grateful to still be able to see patients for emergency visits as we have kept serving the community during the pandemic and seeing as many emergency patients as we could. We are so excited to be able to service our patients even more with the government now allowing us to also see non-emergency patients in addition to the emergency patients we have continued to see.

Updated Patient Process

  1. Patient will call our office upon arrival and remain within their car while someone from our office will come out to their car to greet them.
  2. Patient will have their temperature checked via infrared thermometer whilst in their car followed by a quick health screening. We ask that you please wear a mask at this time and continue to wear the mask upon entering the building.
  3. Patient will sanitize and check in via iPad as per our normal check in process.
  4. Patient will be taken back to their operating room and begin receiving care.

Visual Experience of our Process

Dr. Bullard’s PPE!

Cleaning Procedures

We created a video to show you how we clean our rooms after every patient visit. We’ve always taken your safety seriously and now is no different! 

That’s why we wanted to share with you the thorough process we are completing to clean our rooms for every single patient reservation! 


Patient Safety is our Priority

We are also holding our staff to a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene as we always have. We are now also doing health screening and temperature checks on our staff every day at the beginning of their shift as well as entering the building from a different entrance & exit than our patients would. We have also implemented new air purification systems to ensure an even further step in keeping our practice clean and efficient for all who enter.

Click here to view our new official practice guidelines

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