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Grandpa Never Brushed…
Why You Should.

The following is a paraphrased version of a story we often hear from patients who are skeptical of the need to make regular visits to the dentist for cleanings, fluoride treatments, and other dental maintenance:

“My Grandpa never saw a dentist, rarely brushed his teeth, and had no idea what dental floss was. He’d wash his teeth off with a wash cloth before church, gargle some mouthwash, and be on his way. He never had a cavity and died with a full set of healthy choppers.”

Good for him. Honestly. There were times in our history where going to the dentist was considered a great luxury. Dental coverage was not a common component of benefits packages, and some people in rural areas lived hours from the nearest dentist. We’re glad that despite those obstacles, some people in past generations could maintain a healthy smile. However, it’s important to remember that Grandpa had healthy teeth despite his peculiar hygiene, not because of it.

Today, we are blessed with the opportunity to receive regular dental checkups and cleanings, helping us keep the hands of time out of our mouths. Besides regularly visiting the dentist, taking the time to brush and floss regularly goes a long way to preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and other painful conditions.

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Tips For Your Smile

Flossing 101

Developing a healthy habit of flossing can prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and it may allow you to keep more of your natural teeth as you age. Take a look at our flossing section to learn more...


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