Benefits of Professional Strength Topical Fluoride

Jul 1, 2017 | Dental Care

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that when applied professionally can help strengthen your teeth. It plays an important role in the health of your mouth, as well as its ability to withstand caries and decay. This is because each day minerals are removed and added to your teeth through processes known as demineralization and remineralization.

Demineralization is the process of losing minerals in your teeth because of acids formed by plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Remineralization is the process of minerals like fluoride, calcium, and phosphorus being deposited in your teeth.

When children aged six and under are treated with fluoride it works its way into the body and helps ensure adult teeth are less prone to demineralization. Fluoride treatments promise many benefits and the best way to get the most from these treatments is through professional strength topical fluoride.

How Is Fluoride Applied?

Fluoride can be taken in through a variety of methods. It is added to many foods, our water system, and toothpaste. There are also over the counter mouth rinses, however, they’re not as strong as the clinical strength rinses that your dentist could prescribe.

Dr. Bullard offers several fluoride treatments that are clinically proven to be effective. These application methods include foams, varnishes, and gels. Varnishes are painted on the teeth, while foams require a mouth tray to be applied. Gels offer an in-between solution where they can be either painted on or applied using a mouth tray.

For those who are prone to weak teeth, Dr. Bullard will sometimes prescribe fluoride pills and topical treatments. This combination provides the highest probability that your teeth will become as strong as possible.

When Should Fluoride Treatment Be Given?

The most important timeframe for people to be exposed to fluoride is from age six months to sixteen. This is because during these formative years your teeth are growing and are most receptive to the treatment. With that in mind, recent studies have shown that professional strength topical fluoride is beneficial to adults as well.

Fluoride treatment is also beneficial to people who suffer from certain conditions that make their mouth more prone to decay. Chronic dry mouth sufferers are at a high risk for decay because the lack of saliva makes it harder for food particles to be washed away.

Those who have gum disease are also at a higher risk of decay because your tooth roots are exposed. Fluoride can help reduce the chance of your teeth breaking down and falling victim to decay.

Finally, patients with mouth fixtures like braces and crowns are more prone to decay because getting around those appliances isn’t always easy and food particles have a tendency to stick around. Fluoride treatment will help strengthen your teeth so that the food build up doesn’t impact your oral health.

Dr. Bullard has treated a wide range of patients using professional strength topical fluoride. She can help determine if you’re a candidate for fluoride treatment and what the best course of treatment would be.

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